Dana Russo — Grief Facilitator, Educator, & Advocate.

Dana Russo 

Grief Facilitator.  Educator.  Advocate.

Creating a safe space is of utmost importance to me for I have experienced the unsafe all too often in my own grief. Well-meaning attempts to “fix” me or cheer me up and return me to “normal” failed miserably. Even my close friends and religious community seemed at a loss to know what to say or how to comfort.

Hope Rises exists for those who feel alone or stuck in life’s journey. Support is critical in bereavement.

“You mean I’m not crazy?” clients exclaim as we explore the circuitous challenges and expressions of grief.

Grief touches every part of us in ways we never expected.

You do not need to be “fixed,” but you do need compassionate care.

My compassion for fellow grievers motivated me to pursue extensive training with Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss and Life Transitions in Ft. Collins, Colorado, including suicide, traumatic, and carried grief. I am also certified through the Creative Grief Studio.

In addition to my Social Work degree and two certifications in grief studies, I am a trained Spiritual Director and have worked in helping-professions over forty years. Collectively these disciplines help me provide an integrated, holistic approach for each person’s unique path of grief.

I launched Hope Rises to provide compassionate care for people who are grieving and education for those who want to help. In our mourning-avoidant culture, few leaders feel equipped to know what to do or say to someone in grief.

Educational grief seminars are designed for many professions including healthcare providers, hospice staff and volunteers, clergy, school personnel, funeral directors, and lay people. Education and training is key in how to create compassionate communities. My personal career path and journey have seasoned me well for this vitally important work.

Dana Russo — Grief training

My Hope:

I believe people who learn how to mourn well can learn how to live and love well again. There is hope for a meaningful, purposeful future.

I would be honored to companion you and help you move from what was to what is possible. Your journey toward healing begins now.


The companioning model is not about fixing or resolving but exploring together the contributing factors that make your grief journey unique.

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Pain has a way of challenging our beliefs about God. It is important to find a safe confidant who will walk with you as you seek for answers.


My Journey & Career Path

My adventures from small town America to traveling the world impacted and shaped me. I am not the same, nor will I ever be.

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