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Founder of Hope Rises, Dana Russo, offers seminars for institutions desiring grief education for leaders, support personnel, care givers, or bereaved individuals. Dana teaches from in-depth grief study and certification, countless hours assisting mourners through grief, and personal experience.

Grief seminars help organizations build a healthier culture as participants:

  • Explore complexitites of grief
  • Gain language for grief care (what to say & not say)
  • Build communities of compassion
  • Create trustworthy alliance  
  • Improve listening skills
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Seminars to offer your team in understanding & helping others in grief:


Grief — What to Expect and How to HELP

This interactive training brings insight to grief and its impact. We will explore misconceptions, cultural influences, and practical ways to compassionately respond to someone in grief.   


Compassionate Listening Skills

In our statement-driven culture where everyone shares their opinion who is listening? Poor listening skills lead to misunderstanding. Learn the art of asking questions that invite more honest communication.  


Caring for the Bereaved in a Mourning-Avoidant Culture

People feel silenced and abandoned by an avoidant culture that doesn’t understand grief. Dana brings awareness to the taboo topics of death and mourning and their impact on individuals, institutions, and our culture.

Seminars to offer the bereaved in your organization:

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Navigating the Grief Journey

How long does grief last? Is there an end? Those who've experienced loss learn how grief impacts five primary domains of life and how to better navigate their journey.


Responses to Grief — Cultural and Personal Expectations

Grief is a normal part of life yet often ignored in our get-over-it and move-on culture. Mourners learn how to process their pain of grief in honest, healthy ways.


Grief and Mourning — Influencers that Make THE Journey Unique

While grief is common, every individual responds differently. Attendees learn commonalities of grief while discovering why their loss is different.   


Obstacles to “Getting Over” Grief

Do your co-workers feel stuck in grief, unable to move toward hope or living? This seminar explores what may be impeding their path and guides them how to engage in their healing process.


The Importance of “Catch Up” Mourning

Suppressed or unattended grief often gets buried. Buried grief becomes carried grief. This seminar shows how to honor a loss, no matter how old the pain. It is never too late to heal.

Onsite bereavement services for your organization:

  • When an Employee Dies
    Helping the team/office personnel process together

  • Grief Support @ Work
    Onsite grief group facilitation — 6-week series

  • Individual Grief Care
    On retainer via your company

Interested in hosting?

Don't know what to say or how to help a co-worker in grief?  Few people do. Contact me to discuss the best seminar options for your organization.