Spiritual Direction

Major transitions, illness, or devastating losses throw us into a world that feels less safe, less secure, less known. Beliefs that have long anchored our lives may now feel vulnerable and unstable.

Pain by its very nature gets our attention implying something is not right. Instinctively we sense that this isn’t the way the world was supposed to be. The natural question of “Why?” begs an answer. A holy unrest settles over us like heavy fog as faith, hope, and even God may be clouded from view.

Do you sense there is more to life? Do you feel stuck or numb spiritually? Are you disillusioned, discouraged, or have questions you can no longer ignore? Some questions may not have clear-cut answers, but I believe it is important to ask them, to ponder them, and listen mindfully.

My role in spiritual direction is to offer a sacred space as you explore the nagging pull on your heart, discover why it is there and where it might lead. Together we pay attention to where God is moving and listen closely for His direction.  

Confidentiality and privacy provide a secure, non-judgmental environment where you can be authentic. The mask can safely be removed.

It is an honor to be on the path of discovery and healing and watch as hope rises within a soul experiencing renewal, refreshment, and a deeper intimacy with God. Is this your desire?