My Journey & Career Path

I am a people developer. I love assisting others in their journey toward healing and wholeness, growth and transformation, toward discovering their purpose and living fully.

I have grown from and enjoyed fulfilling work in:

  • Teaching & Equipping
  • Mentoring/Coaching (spiritual & seasons of life)
  • Communication Skills Training—global coordinator & coach  
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Public Speaking—seminars, retreats, motivational
  • Concert Performances—vocal soloist throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North & Central America  (27 countries, audiences ranging from 6 – 200,000 )

Growing up on a small farm in the Midwest, the values of family, hard work, loyalty, community service, spirituality and integrity all laid a strong foundation for who I am today. My desire to live authentically and compassionately toward others blends with how God has wired me. I believe each new day offers opportunity to make the world a better place with every encounter.

After obtaining a BS in Social Work I joined an interdenominational, non-profit Christian organization. I moved into the roles of coach, mentor, writer, speaker, and trainer. My specialties include soul care, grief and loss, teaching public speaking skills, and helping others tell their story. These passions have allowed me to motivate, equip, and train leaders in 27 countries around the globe.

I am drawn to beauty and art, gardening, cooking, authenticity and laughter. I enjoy exploration and adventure all while savoring today. My faith and family are my source of inspiration and joy. I value space externally and internally, am a curious contemplative, and find God in the most unusual and surprising places.

All my endeavors, education, and experience have provided a broad body of knowledge and skill set to bring me to my current role of Grief Companioning. My grief work is two-fold: 1) to create a safe space where wounded hearts can explore their pain, the sources of it, and do the hard work of mourning for healing and growth to take place, and 2) to help build communities of compassion through education of the inevitable and complex grief journey.