Curriculum Vitae



Full Names:                                   Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola


Date of Birth:                                 August 24, 1937


Place of Birth:                                Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria


Parents:                                         Alhaji Salawu Adelekan Akanni Abiola

                                                     Zeliat Wuraola Ayinke Abiola (nee Kassim)


Present Address:                            5, Moshood Abiola Crescent, Ikeja, Lagos State


Present Position:                            Chairman/ Chief Executive, ITT Nigeria Limited

                                                     Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Radio Communications (Nigeria) Ltd

                                                     Founder, Publisher, Chairman/ Chief Executive, Concord Press Nigeria

                                                     Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Wonder Bakeries Limited

                                                     Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Abiola Farms Limited

                                                     Chairman, Afrodisia ltd. (Formerly Decca W.A. ltd.)

                                                     Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Concord Airlines Limited

                                                     Chairman, Summit Oil International ltd.

                                                     (Largest Nigerian-Owned oil exploration)

                                                     Chairman/Chief Executive:


-         Low Priced Books Limited

-         African Economic Digest

-         African Concord Limited

-         Abiola Bookshops Limited

-         Abiola Bookshop Press Limited

-         Premier Pan-Africanist & Champion of African Renaissance & Economic emancipation

-         Founder of the movement for Reparation to Africans & all African People Worldwide, 1990 to date

-         Employs over 5,000 people in Nigeria and West Africa


Educated at:                                    Nawar-ud-Deen School, Abeokuta – 1944

                                                      Africa Central School, Abeokuta – 1945-1950

                                                      Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta – 1951-1956

                                                      Glasgow University, Department of Management Accountancy – 1961-63

                                                      Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland – 1963-65


Qualifications:                                 F.T.I.I., F.C.I.S, C.A., F. Inst.M., F.C.A., F.N.I.M.


Prizes and distinctions:                    University of Glasgow 1st prizes in Political economy, Commercial Law and Management Accountancy – 1962/63

                                                      Institute of distinction in the F.T. II (1964)

                                                      Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland - Distinction (1965)

                                                      Queen Elizabeth Prize in the CIS (1964)


Working Experience:                       School-boy musician from 1952-56, from which I paid my way through secondary school. Keep that interest alive with my                                      

                                                    Involvement in Decca W.A. ltd. (Now called Afrodisia Nigeria ltd.)


                                                    Bank Clerk with Barclays bank D.C.O., Bank Road, Ibadan (later Union Bank Nigeria ltd.) December 1956-December 1958


                                                    Executive Officer (accounts) – later H.E.O. (accounts) – Western Region Finance Corporation – December 1958- February 1961


                                                    C.A. Student in Glasgow, Scotland – February 1961 – February 1966


                                                    Senior Accountant, LUTH & College of Medicine – April 1966 - June 1967


                                                    Divisional Controller – Pfizer Products Agricultural Division, W/Africa


                                                    Controller, ITT Nigeria ltd. – August 1968-June 1969


                                                    Managing Director, ITT Nigeria ltd. – June 1969 – December 1969


                                                    Chairman/Chief Executive, ITT Nigeria ltd. – December 1970 to date


                                                    Executive Vice- President of Alcatel International – 1988 to date


                                                    Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Radio Communications Nigeria Limited – February 1974 to date


                                                    Chairman, Decca (W.A.) ltd. (Later Afrodisia Nigeria ltd.)


                                                    Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive. Wonder bakeries ltd. – January 1980 to date


                                                    Founder, Publisher, Chairman/chief Executive, Concord Press of Nigeria Limited – March 1980 to date


                                                    Chairman, Banuso Fisheries Nigeria limited – January 1983 to date


                                                    Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Abiola Farms Limited – February 1985 to date


                                                    Founder, Chairman/Chief Executive, Concord Airlines ltd. – November 1987 to date


                                                    Chairman/Chief Executive:


-         Low Priced Books ltd

-         African Economic Digest

-         African Concord Limited

-         Abiola Bookshops Limited

-         Abiola Bookshops Press Limited

-         Summit Oil International Limited


Honorary Positions:                      Proprietor, Abiola Football Club, Abeokuta – 1981-87

                                                    National Vice-President, Nigerian Aid Group of Jamat Nasril Islam – 1980 to date

                                                    Chairman G15 Business council – 1990 to

                                                    President, Nigerian Stock Exchange- 1990 to

                                                    Chairman, Presidential monitoring committee – 1989 to date

                                                    Patron, Kwame Nkrumah Foundation – 1988 to date

                                                    Patron, W.E.B. Du Bois Foundation – 1989 to date

                                                    Trustee, Martin Luther King Foundation – 1990 to date

                                                    Director, International Press Institute – 1992

                                                    Chairman, Banuso Fisheries ltd. 1982 to date

                                                    Executive Director, Habib Nigeria Bank ltd. – 1985 to date

                                                    Director, Africa Ocean Lines ltd. – 1985 to date


Major Sports Sole Sponsorships

(In Nigeria)                                   


Soccer :                                         Ramat cup annual youth club championship – 1977 to date

                                                     School boys championships through swan state branches – 1990 to date


Swimming:                                     Annual Olu Ashekun National Inter State Swimming Championships – 1984 to date


Athletics:                                        Bashorun Abiola AAA of Nigeria Junior Championships – 1984 to date


Interhouse sports:                           At least one school’s annual sports is being sponsored in every state of Nigeria.


Other sponsorships in association   

 with others:                                   Several



(Outside Nigeria):                           Africa’s Footballer of the Year Gold Cup and Award – 1980 to date



Honours and Titles:


Islamic (main ones)                       Turbanned Bada of Gbagura Moslem, Abeokuta – 1972

                                                    Turbanned Jagunmolu of Egba Moslems, Abeokuta districts – 1978

                                                    Turbanned by the late Sarkin Katsina, Late Alhaji Usman Nagogo – 1979

                                                    Turbanned by the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Abubakar III – 1980

                                                    Turbanned Baba Adinni of Yorubaland – 1983

                                                    Turbanned Ozemoya of Auchi – 1982

                                                    Turbanned Amirul Mumini of the United Muslims Council of Nigeria – 1991

                                                    Turbanned Magayakin Katsina by his Royal Highness Alhaji M. Kabir Usman, the Emir of Katsina – April 13, 1991

                                                    Turbanned Magayakin Zauzzau of Suleja by HRH Alhaji I. Dodo Musa, The Emir of Suleja – June 4, 1991

                                                    Vice-President, General Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs


Traditional (main ones)                  Bobagunwa of Egbaland – 1972

                                                    Oganla of Ojoo Gbagura, Abeokuta – 1973

                                                    Bobajiro of Ode-Remo – 1978

                                                    Balogun of Ojoo, Gbagura, Abeokuta  - 1973

                                                    Adaidaha Ke Eb Rutu of Calabar – 1986

                                                    Ithevuegbe of Weppa Wano, Agenebode – 1986

                                                    Bashorun of Ibadanland – 1987

                                                    Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland – 1987

                                                    Jagungbola of Lagos – 1989

                                                    Balogun of Aramokoland – 1990

                                                    Asalu of Remoland – August 9, 1991

                                                    Otunba Tayese of Oshogbo – Dec. 12, 1991

                                                    Ajagunla of Ado-Ekiti – March 18, 1992

                                                    Obong Eduek of Akwa Ibom

                                                    Odole of Idanreland – Dec. 12, 1991


Others:                                         Grand Patron, Handball Association of Nigeria – 1979 to date

                                                    First and only Pillar of Sports in Africa – 1980 to date (elected in 1979 by All-Africa Sports Journalists – ASJU)

                                                    Patron, National Olympic Committee of Nigeria – 1985

                                                    Patron of Science, Nigeria Academy of Science – March 3, 1992

                                                    Patron or Grand Patron of over 149 Associations and Societies all over Nigeria – 1970 to date



Member ship of Learned

Societies, Professional bodies,

Committees, etc :                          Wolimot after completing the Quran – November 11, 1949


                                                    Membership of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria from 1945 to date during which period I served in so many capacities.


                                                    Chartered Accountant of Scotland (1965) – The only level of Professional Membership in Scotland (with distinction)


                                                    Fellow of the institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (1980)


                                                    Member/Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators – 1964/72


                                                    Member/Fellow of the Institute of Taxation – 1965/72


                                                    Member/Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management – 1967/86



Awards:                                       International Businessman of the Year – December 1988


                                                   Bestowed with Golden Key to the City of Washington DC - 1987


                                                   Honorary Doctor of Law Degree, Tuskegee University, USA – April 1989


                                                   Honorary D.Litt., University of Ilorin – November 1989


                                                   Ogun State Merit Award – 1990


                                                   Honorary LLD (Honoris Causa) By University of Benin – November 1990


                                                   UNN Alumni Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education Development in Nigeria – November 20, 1991


                                                   WAFU Gold Medal Award in Dakar, Senegal – January 2, 1992


                                                   Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto – January 25, 1992


                                                   Honorary D.Litt., University of Port Harcourt – February 22, 1992


                                                   Honorary LLD, Ondo State University, Akure - March 30, 1992


                                                   Honorary Fellow of Calabar Polytechnic – 1992


                                                   Winner of the 1992 International Committee on Education for Teaching (ICET) Distinguished Fellow Award, Paris, July 20, 1992


                                                   Winner of the International Philanthropic Award of the Southern Christian Leadership Award of the U.S.A. – 1992


                                                   Renowned Philanthropist


                                                   Pillar of Sports


                                                   Winner of Africa Football Confederation (CAF) order of Merit in Gold – 1992


                                                   Grand Patron of the Congressional Black Caucus of the USA Congress – 1987 to date


                                                   Grand Patron of the U.K. Black Parliamentary Caucus of the British House of Commons


                                                   Winner of the Black Heritage Award of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured people of USA (NAACP)


                                                   Winner of the International Businessman of the Year Award, in Los Angeles


                                                   Honorary Fellow, Ogun State Polytechnic – October 22, 1992


                                                   Doctor of Letters (Hon.), Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye – November 6, 1992


                                                   Fellow, Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers


                                                   Officer of the National Order of Benin Republic


                                                   Annual Support Application Award by The King Centre, Atlanta, Georgia – January 17, 1993



Apointments/Elections:                Elected Member, Constituent Assembly, 1978


                                                  Chairman, G. 15 Business Development Council


                                                  Member of Council, Nigerian Stock Exchange – 1991


                                                  Chancellor, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. Ogbomoso – 1991


                                                  President, Nigerian Stock Exchange – April 15, 1991


                                                  President, Newspapers Proprietors Association – May 3, 1991


                                                  Patron, Taxi Drivers Association



Publications:                               Islamic Principles and Practice – A Handbook (1963)


                                                  Several Major Papers on Accounting, Management, Resource utilisation, computers, etc. Published in Learned Journals and Mass




Marital Status:                            Married with Several Children